‘The decline of Russian dominance is striking’: readers respond from the Stans

Guardian Cities readers on the rise of the shopping mall, rivalry between oil-rich Kazakhstan and its rural neighbours – and even a defence of dictatorship

We received many responses to our callout for readers’ contributions to our special report on the Stans – thanks to all who sent us words or images. While we read and appreciated each submission, we chose to prioritise the voices of those who are from Central Asia, or have lived there.

Guardian Cities is exploring in depth the oft-ignored – and exceedingly difficult to report from – cities of the five Central Asian “Stans”: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, a quarter of a century after they became independent from the former Soviet Union.

Buses of Bishkek #SecretStans pic.twitter.com/9jFiWIbpwq

Every evening people gather in the courtyards behind Almaty’s ul. Tole Bi for games of chess. #SecretStans @guardiancities pic.twitter.com/oc211Mt2NM

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Author : Guardian readers

Publish date : 20 October 2017 | 11:41 am

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