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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's...

Ashish’s FaceoftheMonth: Padmini

Padmini (1932 – 2006) Source: TMDB

By now, it is well-known that Indian cinema comprises more than just Bollywood. With over 20 film industries spread across the country, each with its own distinct language, culture, and genre preferences, the Indian film industry is a diverse and bustling family. However, there have been instances of talent exchange between these regional film industries, with stars from the South making their mark in Bollywood and vice versa. One such trailblazer was Padmini, who primarily worked in Tamil and Telugu cinema but successfully ventured into the Bombay film industry. Her notable role in the Indo-Soviet film Pardesi (1957) marked a turning point in her career, propelling her into mainstream Hindi cinema and leading her to collaborate with renowned directors and producers like Shakti Samanta and Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

Padmini (left) with Vyjayanthimala, in the iconic song, “Kannum Kannum Kalanthu” (from the film, Vanji Kottai Valipan, 1958). Source: Wikipedia

Despite working in an industry that boasts numerous stunning actresses, Padmini held a special place in the hearts of the common people. There was an enchanting charm about her that made her relatable to the Indian audience, while still presenting the diversity of India in a captivating yet unreal manner. Padmini’s storytelling techniques, influenced by her passion for Bharatanātyam, the classical dance form, were renowned both within India and internationally. She even took Bharatanātyam to the United States, establishing the Padmini Institute of Fine Arts in 1977. Today, Padmini is regarded as one of the finest exponents of modern Bharatanātyam, and her contributions to multiple Indian film industries are invaluable.

Collaborating with Raj Kapoor proved to be the highlight of Padmini’s career. While she only worked with him in two films, Jis Desh Main Ganga Behti Hai (1960) and Mera Naam Joker (1970), these movies showcased her acting prowess and unique style, which drew inspiration from vintage local theater and her Bharatanātyam background. Padmini’s performances were characterized by a rhythmic and fascinating acting style, embodying a delicate sensitivity that resonated with audiences. Alongside her sisters, Lalitha and Ragini, collectively known as the Travancore Sisters, Padmini became an icon in the industry, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable characters and cinematic experiences. Her star image and persona were a result of her accumulated stardom and a reflection of her enduring popularity.

Ultimately, Padmini’s beauty, talent, and ability to connect with people made her one of the most beloved and iconic figures in Indian cinema. Her memory lives on in the hearts of millions, forever associated with a hundred unforgettable faces.

Dedicated to Shubhangi Goyal,
the Padmini in our lives.



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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's response to a David Raya save in Arsenal's 2-2 draw towards Tottenham, the goalkeeper's dad...


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