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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's...

Fifa and EA Sports split – what’s next for the future of football gaming?

In a surprising turn of events, FIFA and EA Sports have decided to split, sparking speculation about the future of football gaming. Many fans are wondering what lies ahead for the popular video game franchise.

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson recently commented that the FIFA license was actually holding back the game’s growth. This has led to questions about what EA Sports can now do that they couldn’t do before.

According to Matt Jackson, VP and GM of EA Sports, the split offers a fresh start for the company. “Being called FIFA created an annualized cycle of iteration rather than innovation,” Jackson explains. “Now, starting with a clean slate, we can be more expansive in the experiences we offer beyond gaming.”

EA Sports sees itself as an interactive experiences organization and believes it can expand into various aspects of football content beyond traditional gaming. They are considering opportunities in broadcast rights, intellectual property, media platforms, and passive forms of entertainment such as predictions, live scores, and highlights.

The company’s first milestone is the launch of EA Sports FC, a new game that aims to revolutionize football gaming. While specific details have not been revealed yet, Jackson assures players that EA Sports FC will be a truly innovative experience.

One potential innovation could involve better integration of women’s football. EA Sports has already taken steps to champion the women’s game by featuring players like Sam Kerr on the cover of FIFA 23. However, there is a recognition that more can be done to elevate and accelerate women’s football in the gaming world.

Despite the split from FIFA, EA Sports remains committed to delivering authentic women’s football experiences. They have undertaken extensive research and education within their organization to ensure that women’s football is represented accurately in their games. The efforts have been met with tremendous success.



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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's response to a David Raya save in Arsenal's 2-2 draw towards Tottenham, the goalkeeper's dad...


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