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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's...

Uncovered: The Hidden Gems and Surprises in Barbie Easter Eggs

Barbie, the Greta Gerwig-directed film, has been creating quite the buzz since its release. Aside from its undeniable brilliance, it is packed with Easter eggs, in-jokes, references to other movies, and surprise cameos that many viewers may have missed. Here are 13 of our favorite hidden gems…

1. Unexpected Appearance of Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon had a brief but memorable cameo in Barbie, playing a character named Sugar Daddy Ken. Many viewers initially thought it was a joke, but Rob later confirmed his participation in the film on Twitter.

2. Love Islander Chris Taylor’s Surprise Cameo

Love Island 2019 star Chris Taylor also made a cameo appearance in Barbie thanks to Margot Robbie’s love of British TV. Chris’s connection with Margot began when he attended an afterparty following the Birds of Prey premiere in 2020, where he made a lasting impression on Margot. He was later invited to be a part of Barbie’s star-studded cast.

3. Homages to The Wizard of Oz and Top Gun

Director Greta Gerwig incorporated references to her favorite films in Barbie. Fans noticed nods to The Wizard of Oz, such as Barbie’s pink brick road and posters for the classic 1939 film. Additionally, there is a volleyball scene inspired by Tom Cruise’s Top Gun.

4. Saturday Night Fever Tribute

The dance sequence in Barbie pays homage to the iconic film Saturday Night Fever. This scene captures the essence of the disco era and features a dazzling performance reminiscent of John Travolta’s moves.

5. The Inspiration Behind Barbie’s Iconic Hand Touch

The moment when Barbie’s creator Ruth Handler touches hands with Margot Robbie’s Barbie is a visual reference to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” from the Sistine Chapel. It symbolizes the transfer of life and creative energy.

6. BAX Airport and Other Clever Details

The name of the airport in Barbieland, BAX, pays homage to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Additionally, every doll featured in the film, except for Weird Barbie, has been a real Mattel product at some point. From discontinued dolls like Midge to controversial ones like Video Girl Barbie, each doll has a place in Barbie’s history.

7. The Real-Life Ruth Handler’s Tax Scandal

The jokes about tax evasion in Barbie are based on the real-life legal issues faced by Ruth Handler, the inventor of Barbie. Handler resigned as Mattel’s President after being accused of fraud, and she pleaded no contest to the charges, resulting in a fine and community service.

8. A Nod to Bratz Dolls

Sasha and her friends in the film seem to be a subtle reference to the popular Bratz dolls, which were competitors to Barbie in the early 2000s. This inclusion pays homage to the impact of the Bratz dolls on the toy industry.

9. An Oscar-Winning Encounter

Barbie’s meeting with an older woman in the “real world” is a poignant moment. The woman is costume designer Ann Roth, who has won two Oscars for Best Costume Design. Her presence adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film.

10. Weird Barbie’s House Inspired by Psycho

The design of Weird Barbie’s house, specifically the skewed stairs leading up to the door, was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The intention was to create a sense of disorientation and unease, mirroring the theme of the film.



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Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a shame” after brutal feedback

After Jamie Carragher cracked a joke about Aaron Ramsdale's response to a David Raya save in Arsenal's 2-2 draw towards Tottenham, the goalkeeper's dad...


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